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My name's Ethan, and I make PC games. I used to publish under the username TechnoSuperguy, but now I use my real name because it sounds slightly less silly. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Sit and stay awhile! Maybe play a game or two? They're all free, no strings attached!


Unlimited Fighter Opera
HTML5, 2021

Earth's Wifi signal has been lost! Civilization is on the brink of collapse. You must pilot the experimental transforming vehicle Unlimited Fighter Opera to the depths of space and kill Lag, Bugs, and Errors to earn new Wifi energy... and hopefully save the universe!

I made this game in about a week for the Opera GX game jam. The theme was "UFO," but being a fan of anything related to giant robots, I had to make the UFO a transforming mech. I never quite struck the right balance between UFO mode and Mecha mode, so most players seem to stick with Mecha mode and slash everything in sight. At some point I'd like to rebalance the difficulty, add mobile support, and tweak the controls, which are currently cramped due to the rules of the competition requiring single-keyboard multiplayer.

Sadly, I didn't even make the top 100 out of 910 entries. Oh well.

Play Game in Browser (HTML5 - PC Only!)

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Windows PC, 2021

Disclaimer: I only made the graphics and music for this game! The bulk of the coding work was done by the very talented Quentin Van Deutekom, and the level design was meticulously crafted by Jackaroo.

The facility will explode in 60 seconds! Your only chance of escape is to collect upgrades that give you the abilities needed to reach the exit; however, the upgrades are scattered about the facility, and you can't possibly collect them all in time. Luckily, you also have the power of time travel on your side! Collect as many upgrades as you can, then go back in time to where you began while maintaining your upgrades. You can only revert 4 times, so escaping will be a test of both your skill and memory.

This is a Metroidvania created in roughly 30 hours for the 38th Game Jam on Despite having played a relatively small role in its actual development, I'm proud to have been involved in this one. This was a big departure from my usual graphics style, in that there are no solid outlines; I was trying to imitate games like Flashback and Another World.

Revert placed 18th in the Game Jam. After the competition ended, Quentin and Jackaroo gave the game more features, like speedrun ghosts and an online leaderboard. I also polished the graphics and added a title theme.

Download Post-Jam Version (Windows, 22MB) (Recommended)

Download Game Jam Version (Windows, 11.3MB)

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Jackaroo's Youtube Channel

Quentin Van Deutekom's Website

Robots Don't Get Scared
Windows PC, 2021

Kevin, a particularly neighborly robot, decides to invite his nextdoor neighbors to a potluck. However, as soon as he steps in his neighbor's home, he accidentally activates his self-destruct mechanism, scattering his pieces everywhere. Now he must recollect his own pieces so he can properly invite his neighbors to the potluck.

Also, his neighbors live in a haunted house. Others might be too scared to enter a haunted house, but robots don't get scared.

This is a very short Metroidvania. It pokes fun at horror games, complete with jumpscares. Except the monsters can't scare you, or even hurt you, because you're a robot. Ha!

I made this for the 37th Game Jam on I was given 48 hours to make the entire game, from start to finish (resources and all). However, I got a late start so I made it in only 14 hours, and barely finished it by the deadline. Sadly, some unfortunate glitches and typos made it into the game because I didn't have time to fix them. I guess I could fix them now that the competition is over, but I've opted to leave them so you can see the game exactly as it released.

(I placed 22nd out of 58 entries, by the way. Not terrible for only 14 hours of work, I think).

Download Game (Windows, 4.6MB)

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Escape from Cyberspace
Windows PC, 2013

After the events of Ethan in Birthday World, Jack has escaped his digital prison and returned to the real world. Unfortunately, the Impostors - evil duplicates of Ethan's favorite video game heroes - came along for the ride, and threaten to destroy Earth. To defeat them, Jack has to return to the digital realm and collect Game Cores from Sonic 2, Pokemon Silver, The World Ends With You, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, and Lemo Adventure.

Ultimately, the storyline consists of a lot of inside jokes. My friend Jack and I used to make full-length games and/or animations as birthday presents for each other. This is connected to our saga of ridiculousness. However, I feel the game is fun enough to be enjoyable by anyone, regardless of the convoluted plot.

Sonic the Hedgehog © Sega.
Pokemon © The Pokemon Company.
The World End With You © Square Enix.
Super Mario and Hotel Dusk © Nintendo.
Dragon Ball Z © Toei Animation.
Mega Man X © Capcom.
Lemo Adventure © Jackaroo.
Sam's Club owned by Walmart Inc.

Download Game (Windows, 59.1MB)

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DoodleBob and the Magic Pencil: DX
Windows PC, 2008 (re-released 2020)

Plankton has created an army of evil doodles, and has brainwashed SpongeBob's friends into working for him. With no other options, SpongeBob revives the now-reformed DoodleBob, and sends him out to save Bikini Bottom. Using the Magic Pencil to draw platforms and erase evil doodles, Doodlebob must fight his way into the Chum Bucket to defeat Plankton!

This was originally a Christmas gift for my brother Austin, who was 10 years old at the time. I was in a rush to complete the game by Christmas, so I always felt the graphics were a bit sloppy, and the levels were too imbalanced. Regardless, he enjoyed it and it was one of the few games I'd developed at the time, so I eventually released it to the public, warts and all. Several years later, I finally updated the game with more show-accurate graphics, tougher bosses, and a higher-quality soundtrack.

This is a fan-based parody. SpongeBob SquarePants and all related characters are property of Viacom.

Download Game (Windows, 203MB)

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View "History of DoodleBob and the Magic Pencil" Documentary by T5mpler

Sherman's Shnowy Showdown
Windows PC, 2007

Sherman the Shnow Monster just wants peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the pesky local wildlife keeps trying to get into his cave home. Defend the cave as long as you can!

This is a very basic time-waster I made in a few days for a Winter-based game competition. It's impossible to "beat" the game; you can only shoot for a high score. For an added difficulty, hold the right mouse button while left-clicking Start to play at 2x speed!
(I lost the competition by a long shot, by the way)

Download Game (Windows, 2MB)

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Techno the Hedgehog
Windows PC, 2006

Sonic has gone missing, leaving Eggman unopposed to gather the Chaos Emeralds. To stop him, GUN creates a clone of Sonic named Techno. Take down Eggman before it's too late!

This was, quite frankly, not a very good game. I was still learning game design at the time, so it is riddled with glitches and bonkers level design. I also took a few... liberties with the story, making Shadow afraid of heights, Knuckles capable of flight, and Chaos capable of speech. In all, it feels more like a parody than a fangame. I guess that made it endearing somehow, because it was downloaded by several thousand people across multiple countries, and got surprisingly good reviews at the time.

Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters © Sega.

Download Game (Windows, 4.68MB)

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Works in Progress

Super Pooch Cousins
Windows PC, Release Date TBD

The evil Dr. Vet is trying to conquer the world with his army of bunnies and terrifying home appliances. This looks like a job for the Super Pooch! But he can't do it alone. Team up with all of the Super Pooch Cousins to save the world in this 2-player platformer!

I started making this in November 2020 as a Christmas gift for my wife Kerstin (the titular Super Pooch character is based on our Miniature Schnauzer, Kricket). However, I grossly underestimated how long it takes to make a full-length game while also working a full-time job (and being an adult in general), so I overshot the deadline and still have a long way to go. That said, the game is shaping up nicely, and I plan to release it to the public sometime after it is complete.

This will be my first game to have full gamepad support, customizable controls, and optional 1- or 2-player modes.

(Work in Progress! No download available... yet.)

The Poorly Drawn Crab's Amazing Blocky Island Adventure!
Windows PC, 2021

Once upon a time, somebody poorly drew a crab and left the drawing on a beach... for some reason. For magical plot reasons, the crab came to life! However, it won't be a real crab unless it finds the Magic Shell of Magicness™. Go on an amazing adventure through the incredibly realistic Blocky Islands to find the Magic Shell!

I didn't plan on participating in the 39th GM48 game jam, but 5 hours before the deadline, I decided to make a joke game with bad graphics. Thus, the Poorly Drawn Crab was born! However, after I got an engine up and running, I kinda liked the look of the crab and decided to make a legit game about a 2D drawing exploring a 2.5D world. Unfortunately I overreached a bit, and only had time to make 3 tutorial levels before submitting. As such, this is more of a proof-of-concept demo than a real game, but I plan to finish it someday.

(Somehow my silly incomplete demo landed 16th place out of 40 entries, so yay!)

Download Demo (Windows, 8.31MB)

Cancelled Games

Techno: The Gamma Project
Windows PC, 2008 (Unfinished)

Cybernetic brothers Techno Beta and Techno Alpha must set aside their differences to take down their creator, Eugene Poolle, before he can unleash the mysterious "Gamma Project" and destroy the world. Or something.

This is a reboot, yet somehow also a sequel, to Techno the Hedgehog. I wanted to make a game that was "100% original," so I redesigned the titular characters and changed the backstory. In the end, I just wasn't happy with the weird Sonic/Mega Man hybrid monstrosity I'd created, so I never finished it. The game is still available to download, but it only has 4 playable levels.

Later, I swapped out the character sprites to look like their original "Sonic recolor" selves as an April Fools joke.

Download Demo (Windows, 20.1MB)

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Download April Fools Edition (Windows, 20.1MB)

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Transformers 3DG1
Windows PC, 2008 (Unfinished)

Stomp, jump, and/or drive around an empty city as G1 Optimus Prime! What more could you ask for?
...Actual gameplay, you say? Now you're asking too much.

Shortly after the 2007 Transformers film came out, I bought and played the crap out of Transformers: Autobots for Nintendo DS. However, I yearned to play as G1 Optimus, who was only available in the console version of the game, which I didn't have at the time. I could have shelled out $40 for the PS2 copy... but instead I opted to make my own 3D game starring G1 Optimus! This is the disastrous result.

Sadly, Game Maker has very little support for 3D, so I had to program Optimus' model using the basic geometric shapes that were available (mostly cubes and cylinders). Thus, he looks a bit blocky... though to be fair, G1 Optimus is supposed to be blocky. Where the game really flops, though, is that there is no game. I spent so much time making Optimus and coding the engine, I ran out of steam. There are no enemies to fight. There is no goal. All you can do is move around an empty, foggy city. Sure you can transform into a truck, but the truck physics are pretty bad so that's no fun.

I'm posting this here for posterity's sake only. Don't download this if you're looking to, you know, actually have fun.

Download Demo (Windows, 4.08MB)

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Crystal Chaos Arcade
Windows PC, 2007 (Unfinished)

Shoot down the missiles! Shift into different forms to complete the level! And... yeah, that's about it.

This was the first game Jackaroo and I collaborated on. The plan was to make a large collection of minigames that are accessible via an arcade overworld. Sadly this proved to be impossible at the time, as high-speed internet and file collaboration hosts like GitHub didn't exist yet, so our only playable demo contained just two minigames.

Download Demo (Windows, 1.68MB)

Superguy: The Game
Windows PC, 2005 (Unreleased)

Brothers Ethan and Austin accidentally get superpowers after wearing baseball caps that had been used in a top-secret government experiment. Using their newfound powers, they do good deeds around the neighborhood... until they discover the hats also created evil clones of them that are wreaking havoc. Now it's up to Superguy and Megaboy to stop the supervillains they helped create!

This was my first game, and it was based on a comic series I'd drawn as a kid. And it was bad. Really, really bad. Because I made the mistake of using .bmp files for all the graphics, the filesize was so massive I had to break the game into four seperate .exe's (okay, it was only a total of 30MB, but in the days of Windows 98 and dial-up internet, that was huge). That aside, it's full of game-breaking glitches, level design is nonexistent, and the goal of each level is totally unclear. It's practically unplayable, and as such, I never released it to the public. I may eventually post a video playthrough of the game to YouTube, just to show how bad it is.

For years I planned on remaking Superguy: The Game, but I repeatedly got distracted by other projects. Eventually I got a full-time job and later got married, so I assumed I would never get around to remaking Superguy. However, one week while I was stuck at home during the 2020 pandemic, I got back into GameMaker Studio and finally started working on the game I'd always wanted to make. Look out for Superguy and Megaboy coming soon to PC (hopefully)!

No Download Available (trust me, you don't want to play it)